Department of Computed Tomography.

  • Our clinic is the first to offer the 64-slice Philips CT, the only one found in the Cyclades. Our scanning service encompasses all types of body, supports 3D CT scans. Also special CT scans can be performed such as: CT angiography, CT angiography, CT bloodless, Dental Scan and directed tumor biopsies(FNA).

Department of Ultrasonography and colored Triplex.

  • The Philips iU22 ultrasound system with unique technology can deliver all kinds of ultrasonography and TRIPLEX.

Department of Digital Mammography.

  • With Planmed Sophie mammography system manufactured in 2010 we can offer reduced radiation dose, high- resolution images and we can send the results to a mammography specialist doctor.

Radiology Department.

  • VILLA MOVIPLAN radiology system manufactured in December 2010, VILLA ROTOGRAPH EVO system manufactured in December 2010 and NORLAND bone densitometer manufactured in Octomber 2010.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Department (Coming Soon)

  • This MRI scan system will be installed and will be able to perform all kinds of MRI soon.

Microbiology Department.

  • Blood Tests, Immune System Check up, biochemical tests, urinalysis, allergy tests, anemia diagnosis, sexual transmitted disease tests, coagulation tests, diabetes test, Tumor Markers, Vitamins check up, hormonal tests, prenatal care, culture of all kinds. We also cooperate with cytology and pathology laboratories.